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Before you start reading all of this, I want you to know I am okay now. I can't promise anyone I will continue to be okay, but I am going to do everything I can to make it stay like this. From the looks of it I think things can't get much worse atm, so that means things can only look up after this.

So, I recently dropped out of university again... Which sucked a lot, but also made me realise my uni was kind of a bad place to be. Their level of education wasn't as great as it should've been and their teaching methods were the most unhealthy thing I could ever think of, especially for mental illness patients like me. So I guess I'm glad I left?

It all happened really fast though and in the meantime I also got kicked out/voluntarily left my dad's home and ended up on the streets. Suddenly becoming homeless is where you learn how much people actually care and in my case, unsurprisingly, don't care. Apart from one amazing person tbh.

I lived in a homeless shelter for a month. Great place to be if you're not gay and/or transgender, and unfortunately I am both. A month of being referred to as a she and getting 'official warnings' for having insomnia didn't really help my mental health either. I think I wanted to kill myself over five times in the past month and I ended up with a few nice, very visible scars. But meh. Who cares?

My super amazing friend in England then offered me a place to stay, though, which made everything so much better omfg. I am currently living with them and their parents and I just applied to art uni in Norwich, to study illustration design. I really hope I get in. If not I'll just have to get a job. Kinda sucks that apparently the only way to get money for a useless fuck like me is to blow people or something. Idk not that I mind haha.

Idk I feel like I should describe my experience at the shelter and how I got there in detail but no one probably wants to hear about it so I guess I'll just leave it like this. Expect more arts from me soon tho! I'm also totally making a cool webcomic with my friend. It has butts.


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Keaton Bol
Artist | Professional | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello! I am a comic designer, illustrator and crafter. I enjoy playing the piano, reading comics, cats, movies, lots of music and of course creating stuff. My dream is to inspire people.

You can find my webcomics on Smackjeeves.

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